Maple Mountain

Maple Mountain is a park in Duncan, near Nanaimo.   The views from the top are beautiful.



It is a very very steep trail! Much steeper than the pictures look. 

There is a lot of quartz on the mountain, as well as gold! I brought some quartz home for you, but I didn’t find any gold.  Maybe next time.

This was my first time there and I got lost.  Well… I don’t know if I was lost, but I didn’t want to walk the long way around to come back down so I just made my own trail. I found a pond for the dogs to swim in.



There was also a lot of bear poop….




We found our way back to the trail! Luckily.. because I forgot to tell Uncle Scotty where I was going, so he wouldn’t have known where to look for me if I was stuck over night. 


We found a beautiful meadow of long lush grass, but just around the corner was a critter….

Check out this video of my new friend:



Whew. I forgot my bear spray in the car so I picked up a stick, but luckily the bear didn’t keep following me. I heard noises in the bushes to my left so I think she had cubs! 

I was worried though as the bear was on the trail back to my car.  It was getting dark too.  I kept walking away from my bear friend and eventually found another hiker.

She was all alone too and when I told her about the bear, she decided to leave the park too.   She helped me find a different way out of the park, then she was kind and drove the dogs and I all back to my car. 


It was quite the adventure!