Sky Deck

The Sky Deck is a platform on the side of a mountain. It even has a little fire pit. I hiked to it with my friend Mel and her dog Stormi.  

We found cougar tracks!!   I left my game cam here to see if I could catch a glimpse of the big kitty kat. 



I hiked back up there a month later by myself but I forgot where I left my camera!   

The next weekend, I went again with my friend Lisa and her dog Twig.  We EVENTUALLY found my camera… but it took me a long time.    My camera didn’t catch anything =( 

I went back out there a couple of weeks ago and found more cougar tracks!  


I wonder if it is the same cat?

I found this on a different hike, but I thought you might like to see. This is the skull from a cougar.  When you come to my house next, I can show you one of its claws.