Thistle Mine

Thistle Mine is an abandoned copper mine on the side of a mountain in the middle of the forest.

It was last used in 1905. The copper vein was considered too poor quality to be worth mining, so the mine was abandoned.  I imagine they used horses to get up and down with equipment and copper ore but it is very steep! 

I found some rocks with a green colouring – that is the copper!


We needed head lamps to see because it was so dark.  You can climb up a rope and through to a hole on the side of the mountain, but Maxi and Riker and Indi were too small to go so we skipped that part.



Riker got very very muddy in the mine and on the trail up the mountain!



I included some rocks with copper in them for you to see.

When you come to BC next, maybe we can go check it out!