Virtual Lessons


When COVID hit and we started using Zoom to help people virtually, I figured it was a good option considering we couldn’t meet in person.  But guess what? People had amazing results! It turns out, that for many dogs and people, learning virtually sets them up for success.

What are the benefits?

  • You can focus on learning the task and understanding how and why we want to use a particular method for your dog.
  • Neither dogs nor people are overwhelemed trying to handle a stranger in their home or space.  I get to see your dog as they are in your day to day life.
  • Weather doesn’t stop us! Even when we have heat waves, torrential rain or snow storms, we can still meet, advancing or tweaking the training plan as necessary.  Consistent lessons on a regular schedule help most dogs progress faster.
  • You can access trainers outside of your community.

I have enjoyed working virtually to address stranger danger, separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, dog reactivity, fighting amongst dogs in the same household, and preparing for a new baby to arrive. 


How Does It Work?

  • We arrange a time that works for us both and I send you a link to Google Meet. This is a great program that opens automatically in your browser on a computer, or needs a quick and free app installation if you are using an iPad or iPhone.
  • You complete an intake form telling me about your dog(s), which I read. If appropriate I will send you homework to try before our lesson.
  • At the meeting time, we both log into the meeting and discuss your challenge, and if appropriate, you practice training your dog while I give real time feed back. 
  • I send you a summary email with your homework, and descriptions or video links to help.
  • If you have purchased a training package, between lessons you can send me videos of your training for feedback.  

You learn, your dog learns, and we all have fun! 



Your patience and kindness really shine through your training approach. We all had a great time and I am so pleased with how Lili is doing. We were out doing ‘house calls’ this afternoon and Lili did the best ever with her latest new dog-loving senior friend with very little barking, and few worries about the environment, other people, and noises …. I am so appreciative of the strong foundation she received in our virtual lessons with you. 

We are so happy with Buddy’s progress!  He was amazing today when our friends came over.  Thank you for helping us. We are so glad that we signed up for online lessons. 

I can’t believe how well we are doing! Rosie seems very happy lately. It’s really, really great!! Thank you for the help!