Reactivity Bootcamp

You’ve tried it all. You’ve read books, watched TikTok and listened to all of the podcasts.

You’ve worked hard on your own and you’ve worked with trainers.

And still you struggle to understand your dog’s behaviour and don’t know how to help them.

Reactivity Bootcamp helps you take a step back and look at the whole picture. What are those missing pieces? What does your dog need in order to progress? Spend your time in the program working on the areas most relevant to your and your dog.

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Breed/Type Specific Needs

There is a lot more to this than just food, water, air, exercise and love. Training plans can only be effective if a dog is satisfied in other aspects of their life. 


What skills do we need to get through day to day while our dog learns?

Canine Body Language

Many times, food and toys are useful, but sometimes, we just need to understand and speak ‘dog’

Counter Conditioning

Can we change a dog’s feelings about their triggers?  

Confidence and Resiliency


Many games can be incorporated into day to day life to boost our dog’s confidence and resiliency.



How do we create a solid ‘Leave-it’ behaviour without creating negative feelings?

Focus Work

Sometimes we need our dogs to focus on us. How do we train that around distractions? How can we do this without creating anxiety in our dogs? 

Teaching Displacement Behaviours

Dogs have many ways they can ask for space. Some of them include barking and lunging. What if we could teach your dog to chose more socially acceptable ways to ask for space?

It's more than a course, it's a program

Looking for feedback on your day to day training with your dog? Looking for a safe, understanding community where you can share your highs and lows? Looking for Support and step by step directions? The Reactivity Bootcamp is just what you’ve been looking for!