Pet Manners Class

In this class, we work on skills that help our dogs be pleasurable companions. 

  • Settling around distractions
  • Leash manners
  • Impulse Control
  • Recall
  • Greeting people and dogs appropriately. *COVID Social Distancing rules prohibits us from practicing with each other in class* 


More Than Just Training

Drawing on her extensive skills and education, Christina commits to you and your dog, coaching you through the entire process, providing support via email, text, and phone.

We look at the whole picture, ensuring everyone's needs are met while creating a wellness and behaviour plan to help you reach your goals.


  • Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant – Accredited by Pet Professionals Guild
  • Aggression In Dogs Master Course by Michael Shikashio,CDBC
  • Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner
  • AnimalKind BCSPCA Accredited
  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Insured

What People Are Saying:

We have had an amazing training experience with four kids and pup is doing great! Trainer is thoughtful with incredibly useful tips. Definitely recommend this trainer
Christina is very knowledgeable about dog behaviour and is an excellent teacher. Her seminars and classes not only teach skills but also give insights into why your dog might be struggling. Every lesson, private, class or seminar, has been well prepared and I have come away with new ideas to work on with my dogs. I feel that Christina loves to help bring out the best possible relationship between dog and human that she can.
Excellent trainer …. very knowledgeable in dog behaviour and I love her approach to dealing with reactive dogs. Love  her easy relaxed style of teaching …. she makes it easy for even us beginners to ‘get it’. Highly recommended.
So thankful for the training help that Christina provided us for our reactive/fearful dog Phoebe. Christina’s passion, knowledge, skills and dedication to positive training methods shines through the changes we’ve seen in our Phoebe in just a few lessons! We continue to work on our goals and look forward to progressing through more training with Positive Dog!
Christina is an excellent dog trainer and teacher. If you want a knowledgeable trainer who has your dog’s best interests at heart and who uses science based training methods, look no further. I highly recommend her!
Christina helped me with a reactive foster and I was so grateful for the methods and education she provided. She gave me the tools to be able to help this dog learn how to appropriately greet new dogs, and she did it with positive training methods NOT harmful or painful methods. Thank you Christina!