Group Classes

 I do not offer group classes for reactive dogs.  Reactivity issues are more kindly and efficiently addressed in private lessons.  


Nosework/Scent Detection

Private Groups

Would you and a couple of friends like to take a class together? Would you like to learn on puppy skills, leash manners, tricks, or another fun topic?    To organize a private group class (3-4 pups/dogs), email me at  



Currently offered only to  private groups: 

Pocket Hand Heeling

Based on Denise Fenzi’s Pocket Hand Heeling method, this class teaches heeling position, movement, sidesteps, and backups, all without any props! Great for all levels of dogs!

Movie Dog!

Learn essential skills for a Movie Dog and some of the tricks that come in handy for film work.

Teenage Tyrants
(6mos – 14mos) $249

Where did your perfect puppy go?!?!   Has your adolescent forgotten everything he once knew? Is he becoming more independent?  This class is for you! 

We focus on regulating emotions, listening skills, and of course, skills such leash manners and staying calm around distractions. 

Small Group Class focusing on learning to communicate, calming around distractions, and fun puppy skills.  We learn about appropriate socialization, confidence building, and building calmness and attentiveness around distractions. 

Note: This is NOT a puppy play group.

Pattern Games For Leash Manners

This class is ideal for distractible, excitable, or reactive dogs (Only mildly reactive for the In-person option). We will practice pattern games to create predictable scenarios, with a goal of walking past distractions in public.


The pattern games are based on those popularized by Leslie McDevitt in her Control Unleashed program.

Online Only $249

Emailed Weekly Lessons, Weekly Zoom (Tuesdays 6:30PM), Facebook Group for questions.

Online Plus Weekly In-Person Lesson $349

Emailed Weekly Lessons, Weekly Zoom (Tuesdays 6:30PM), Weekly In-Person Lessons (Thursdays 3:30PM), Facebook Group for questions.

Trick Dog

In-Person and Online Options