Muzzle Up!

Muzzles can be used for many reasons. Certainly, if your dog is a bite risk to yourself, other people, or animals, consider a muzzle.   I love to muzzle train my dogs in case of emergency. If your dog has a serious injury requiring veterinary care, the vet may need to use a muzzle.

Muzzling your dog can prevent:

  • Biting
  • Ingesting rocks and other inappropriate things
  • Too rough play
  • Play escalating to fights

Your dog should have enough room to pant fully. Picture a tennis ball in your dog’s mouth. Will the muzzle still fit? If not, it is too small.

Locally, the most common muzzle is the Baskerville. comes in a few sizes and fits some dogs well.   If you have a dog who is a serious bite risk, a determined powerful dog and bend the Baskerville rubber and still bite.

Khaos Muzzles

These not bite-proof but they are pretty and useful for many dogs who do not pose a serious bite risk:


Here are two places to buy bite-proof muzzles. My preference it the first. The Jafco (second) might be a bit hot for long walks in summer.

Dean & Tyler Freedom Muzzle

They  have amazing customer service. There is a measuring guideline on their website. Have a friend take pictures while you measure your dog. Send the images and measurements to them at support@deantylerllc.zohosupport.com  They will help you choose the correct size. 




These are clear plastic with ventilation holes. They fit narrow muzzles better than wide blocky ones




Here is a great Facebook group to learn about muzzle options, how to measure and pick a size: