Pattern Games

This class is ideal for distractible, excitable, or reactive dogs.

We will learn and practice pattern games to create predictable scenarios with a goal of walking past distractions in public such as other dogs, kids on scooters, bunnies, etc.

The pattern games are based on those popularized by Leslie McDevitt in her Control Unleashed program.

Emailed Weekly Lessons, Weekly Zoom Lesson, Facebook Group for questions!

Offered January 2022

Schedule for January Session

Video Lessons 

You will receive your first lesson on January 11th, and a next lesson every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

Zoom Meetings

6:30PM Tuesdays for 6 weeks, beginning January 18th. If you cannot make these 45 minute sessions, they will be recorded and sent to you to watch when you have time.

In-Person Lesson

3:30PM Thursdays at Maffeo Sutton Park for 45 minutes to practice the games around real-world distractions.

Reactive or Aggressive Dog?

These Pattern Games are great tools to help your reactive or aggressive dog, whether reactive due to fear, frustration, or over-enthusiasm. 

If your dog can focus and train comfortably within 15′ of other dogs and handlers, then the In-Person option might be appropriate. If your dog isn’t ready for that, it’s ok.   The On-Line Learning option or private lessons are made just for you! 

On-Line Learning $249 CDN


This option is ideal for remote learners, people with busy schedules, or if you our your dog struggle in group settings:


  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • Facebook Group for Support & Community

On-Line + In-Person $349 CDN

All of the On-Line Learning benefits, plus a weekly lesson to practice and refine our skills around real -world distractions:


  • Weekly In-Person Group Lesson
  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • Facebook Group for Support & Community