Reactivity Workshop Series

Fall workshop series to explore reactivity and the training choices we make to help our dogs. Sign up for one or all three.

When? Nov 22, Dec 6, & Dec 13  6:30-8:30 PM

Where? Wild Tails 4512 Wellington Rd, Nanaimo, BC

Building Resiliency—Nov 22

What is resilience?  Can Resilience be taught?  How can we improve Resilience?

In this session we discuss games and strategies to build your dog’s confidence and resilience so that they feel more comfortable at home and in the world. By building resiliency, we equip our dogs to better handle stressful situations.

Appropriate games and play vary from dog to dog, even within the same household or breed, and we will discuss games to help different types of dogs. 


Creating Predictability in an Unpredictable World – Dec 6

Patterns are an excellent way to help an anxious animal focus and feel safe. In this session, we discuss how to use patterns not to distract our dogs, but to give them safe way to observe and process the environment.  We will discuss several of Leslie McDevvitt’s Pattern games from her Control Unleashed progran.  I’ll explain my spin on some of them, and when each strategy is most appropriate.

Over-Arousal & Training Strategies—Dec 13

What is “over-arousal”? What does an over-aroused dog look like? And most importantly, how can we help them?  Often an over-aroused dog will refuse food or find food even more arousing, so what do we do when a cookie scatter doesn’t help? 

In this session we learn which cues and reinforcement methods lower or raise arousal and how to choose the best strategy for any situation.  We also discuss ways to set our dogs up for success by lowering their baseline arousal, rehearsing arousal modulation, and by strategically setting up training sessions. 

About The Instructor

Christina, a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (IAABC and PPG), creates humane, effective, and realistic training plans for clients and their dogs, continually improving her skills by learning from the world’s top trainers.  She enjoys hiking and biking with her dogs and actively competes in Disc, Nosework, Dock Diving, Agility, and Rally Obedience. She also participates in the St John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog program with her blind dog Maxi.  More info: www.positivedog/about

$20/ Each or all three for $50

When? Nov 22, Dec 6, & Dec 13  6:30-8:30 PM

Where? Wild Tails 4512 Wellington Rd, Nanaimo, BC

* Bring a comfy chair

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