Gear for Powerful Dogs

If you have a dog who is prone to reactivity or aggression, you must be able to hold your dog back and pull them away if things go sideways adn you have a big reaction. The gear we choose can make all the difference.

Moderate Pullers can use a front clip harness such as a Balance harness or a RuffWear Web Master.

Very powerful dogs though almost always require a head halter such as a Halti or Gentle Leader.  They even fit under a muzzle.

But what if the dog gets out of the head halter?   Always use a safety strap from the head halter to an escape proof options such as a properly fitted martingale or a body harness. Only use the harness option if you can still hold the dog back. For powerful dogs or high risk dogs, I prefer the martingale. The martingale should fit snugly when no pressure is applied. If the unthinkable happens and the head halter comes off during a reaction, you are still connected to the martingale which will now tighten and give you more control.  You can either use a double ended leash, one end to each, or use a strong safety strap connecting the head halter to the martingale or harness.

You can use a leash that attaches to your waist if you are worried about holding on with your hands or if you want your hands free.  Please weigh the risks though as I have heard of more than one person being dragged down the street by their dog.


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