Thank you for joining our Reactivity Course and Support Group!

You are one step closer to enjoying walks again!

Once you are in the group, look for the lessons under “Guides” and look for peer support under “Discussion”

If you have any questions please contact me christina@positive.dog

Looking for personalized help?

There are two great ways to work directly with me! 

DEEP DIVES – I offer frequent small group focus sessions where we delve deep into your challenges in a small group of people with similar issues.  I get to know each of you and your dogs and we work together on a daily basis for 8 weeks. 

PRIVATE COACHING – We meet regularly one-on-one and spend an hour discussing your progress and next steps. This is a great option if you have an out of the ordinary challenge or if your schedule doesn’t accommodate regular class times. Each of these sessions includes a written summary. 

Want more info? Email me at christina@positive.dog 


Specializing in Treatment & Prevention

of Aggression and Reactivity

A comprehensive approach to training.

Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant