Building Resiliency

If your dog needs help with resiliency, we need to consider many areas of their life.  Are they getting enough quality sleep? Are they getting the correct types of exercise and mental stimulation?  Are their emotional needs being met? The Resilience Rainbow by Behaviour Vets breaks down the different categories very nicely.

Once a dog’s needs are being met as best we can, games that strategically focus on your dog’s weak areas are used to give them the skills they need to confidently face the normal stressors in their lives.

When your dog experiences a stressful event, are they able to take it in stride? Or does it cause a big reaction, perhaps affecting the rest of their walk or even day?  If stressful events affect your dog in a way that negatively affects their ability to enjoy walks, be appropriately social, or even their quality of life, your dog likely has low resiliency. 


Building resiliency is included in puppy socialization and as a part of any behaviour modification plan in order to build enthusiastic, eager, optimistic learners who are happy to try.  For reactive dogs, building resiliency is a set of separate exercises and considerations from your actual training plan.

Next In-Person Series Starts January 19th!

For more info: https://positive.dog/reactivity-workshop-series/


Your patience and kindness really shine through your training approach. We all had a great time and I am so pleased with how Lili is doing. We were out doing ‘house calls’ this afternoon and Lili did the best ever with her latest new dog-loving senior friend with very little barking, and few worries about the environment, other people, and noises …. I am so appreciative of the strong foundation she received in our virtual lessons with you. 

We are so happy with Buddy’s progress!  He was amazing today when our friends came over.  Thank you for helping us. We are so glad that we signed up for online lessons. 

I can’t believe how well we are doing! Rosie seems very happy lately. It’s really, really great!! Thank you for the help!